Jacqueries is heading to the Filmgate Interactive festival in Miami.
Help us get there!

Choreography & Development by Jacob Niedzwiecki

Music by
John Gzowski

Luke Garwood
Catherine Larocque
Anisa Tejpar
Mateo Galindo Torres
Léa Lavoie-Gauthier
Jacob Niedzwiecki

Upcoming Shows

February 7 & 8, South Beach

Review Highlights

“It’s almost like being in your own video game, except it’s real…Jacqueries is dance and theatre turned inside out and upside down.”
— Michael Crabb, Toronto Star

“An hour’s worth of killer dance…hot and sexy…sharp, concise and virtuosic.”
— Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine

What Is It?

Jacqueries is a political heist story told through movement — an inside-out experience of conspiracy, security theatre, and solidarity, inspired by parkour’s co-opting of urban space.

The title comes from a failed peasant uprising in medieval France, which became a French term for any unsuccessful insurrection by the lower classes. As one of the cast said, “The French are stubborn, they just kept trying until eventually they made a revolution.”


How Does It Work?

Jacqueries is a new kind of dance / physical theatre experience, building on immersive, promenade-style theatre with new technological tools. You follow individual performers from scene to scene through downtown locations, linked by an iPhone app playing synchronized sound and showing 3D video overlays. It’s a performance for an audience who want to do more than sit in a chair and watch.

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